• Interruption

Basement 21 and artists from Wales


The artists collective Basement 21 from Chennai in India is going to be resident in Cardiff from late October through to the end of the festival working on Interruption. 

Working out of Y Llofft studio space at Chapter they will work most closely with four creative professionals from Wales. Their joint explorations will be cross-disciplinary and culminate in various elements of public performance in Cardiff city centre on Friday 17 November. 

On a recent research visit to Cardiff, Basement 21 identified several city centre venues around which to choreograph performances. Additional practitioners will also undertake development days with Basement 21, to further define the performances.

Leading Interruption for Basement 21 are:

Preethi Athreya, choreographer
Padmini Chettur, choreographer
Pravin Kannanur, theatre director and visual artist
Maarten Visser, musician and composer.

Practitioners working with them from Wales include Siriol Joyner and Joanna Young.

Interruption is part of the UK India Year of Culture 2017 season. It has been supported by Wales Arts International and British Council.