Morning Class

Led by Rachel Harris, maribé - sors de ce corps/Montréal Danse

In partnership with Groundwork Pro

Moving from the inside

'In this class we will dive inside our bodies, letting the intelligence that we find there guide us into moving. Where does our desire to move come from? Do we have a desire to move? How can we give voice to our inner spaces and let those voices roam free?''

Rachel Harris brings to her teaching her twenty-five years of dancing with a myriad of choreographers and her deep interest in reaching inside and outside the body. She will be sharing some of the tools that continue to keep her healthy and inspired through each new creation.

Originally from British-Columbia, Rachel has lived and danced in Montreal since 1990. She has worked with a great many choreographers including Blanca Arrieta, Marie Béland, Sarah Bild, Sarah Chase, Estelle Clareton, Margie Gillis, Benoît Lachambre, Helge Letonja, Caroline Laurain-Beaucage, Jean-Sebastien Lourdais, José Navas and Jean-Pierre Perrault, performing their works in North and South America, Asia and Europe. Rachel has danced since 1998 with Montréal Danse, a company dedicated to fostering the creative process with a wide range of choreographers. Rachel also teaches dance in women's shelters as part of the project la danse contre la violence.

When and where?

Tuesday 14 November
9.30am to 11am
Rubicon Dance

Cost: £4 per class, or £10 if you pay per week. Please pay in cash when you arrive.

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