• Open Studio: Interruption

Basement 21 and artists from Wales

Interruption brings together artists from Basement 21 in Chennai, India and practitioners from Wales.

This Open Studio event will be a chance to find out more about the work they’re making and the different creative processes of the artists involved.

Leading Interruption from Basement 21 are:

Preethi Athreya, choreographer
Padmini Chettur, choreographer
Pravin Kannanur, theatre director and visual artist
Maarten Visser, musician and composer.

Practitioners from Wales involved include the choreographers Siriol Joyner and Joanna Young.

You can find out details here about the project’s performance day on Friday 17 November.

If you'd like to attend this event please email info@dance.wales and let us know how many of you there will be.

Interruption is part of the UK India Year of Culture 2017 season and has been supported by Wales Arts International and British Council.