• Roots

National Dance Company Wales


Four short, sharp dances by National Dance Company Wales.

Full of wit, character and fantastic dancing, Roots is an evocative and enjoyable quartet of work.

Beside Himself explores how the ego and alter ego exist side by side. It's choreographed by the company's artistic director Caroline Finn, so expect her quirky, vintage style. 

Omertà is a moving piece about women in Italian Mafia society and their route to freedom. Choreographed by Matteo Marfoglia, it's set to some great music by the Italian vocal group Faraualla.

Alongside them, the company perform two favourites from recent touring. Caroline's playful Animatorium and Lee Johnston’s heart-wrenching They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem.

Performances include discussion and anecdote from those involved in making and performing the work. A great way to find out more about the different pieces.

Plus: Watch Dance Class

Monday 13 November, 12.45pm
Get a unique behind the scenes look at how the company's dancers prepare just hours before a show. Watch Dance Class is free to attend. Click here to get a ticket.

'Finn is one of the most brilliant artists working in Wales today across any medium you care to mention'
Wales Arts Review
'It's a kind of anti-romance in which a couple begin with hands clasped together, bodies gently intertwining but eyes determinedly avoiding contact.'
The Guardian on They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem


Choreography and costume design: Caroline Finn
Music: Mashrou' Leila, Vittorio Monti and Alberto Navas
Lighting design: Caroline Finn and Adam Cobley

Beside Himself
Choreography and costume design: Caroline Finn
Music: DVA, Robag Whrume, Fanfare Ciorcarlia
Lighting design: Caroline Finn and Adam Cobley

Choreography: Matteo Marfoglia
Music: Faraualla and sound design by Sarah Everson
Lighting design: Leighton Thomas-Burnett
Costume design: Rike Zoellner

They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem
Choreography: Lee Johnston
Music: Max Richter
Lighting design: Joe Fletcher
Costume design: Zepyr Agopyan

Performers: Robert Bridger, Àngela Boix Duran, Cyril Durand-Gasselin, Camille Giraudeau, Ed Myhill, Mathew Pritchard, Evan Schwarz, Elena Thomas and Marine Tournet