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Simon Whitehead

A live dance installation with movement, image, objects and sound.

A dancer lies on the ground, looks at the sky and inhales in the clouds. An Apollo 9 astronaut considers his views of Earth. What is there to learn about home from a Raven?

Home is a fabric, woven out of things that move and merge. A practice of making and remaking, an impossible process, an endless quest... something necessary...

Having spent many years taking himself and his work to distant places Simon has returned to the solo form. He takes time with Studies for Maynard to think about what it is to be located at home whilst holding the wider curve of the Earth.

With collaborators sound artist Barnaby Oliver and film maker Tanya Syed.

@maynardstudies / #maynard

Studies for Maynard has been supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Pembrokeshire County Council and Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown.

Images by Ray Jacobs