• Tir Cyfreddin/Shared Ground

Workshop with Fearghus Ó Conchúir

A workshop for working out groups

Tir Cyfreddin/Shared Ground is part of Fearghus’ ongoing use of movement as an intelligence for working out how groups could be made. 

Fearghus will share some of his experience as a mover and maker in his fifth decade as a stimulus for group improvisation and composition. There will be something old-skool, generating something new by borrowing whatever’s useful and even, blue. There will be a warm up, lots of dancing and moments of reflection and discussion to generate more movement.

Fearghus Ó Conchúir is a choreographer, dance artist and artistic director. Brought up in the Ring Gaeltacht in Ireland, he completed degrees in English and European Literature at Magdalen College Oxford, before training at London Contemporary Dance School.

Frequently collaborating with artists and experts from other disciplines, he is a champion for what dance can help us understand about how we live in the world. His film and live performances, presented around the world, create frameworks for audiences and artists to build communities together. 

Fearghus joined National Dance Company Wales as artistic director in 2018.


Image by Kirsten McTernan