• Open call: Seed commission

Seed commission for a new dance or dance theatre project for younger audiences

With support from Surf The Wave’s Showcase Legacy Support fund we are delighted to invite proposals for a seed commission for a Wales based practitioner to develop a new dance or dance theatre project for younger audiences.


After the UK Dance Showcase in May last year we submitted an application to Surf The Wave for support towards the development of work for younger audiences in Wales.

The first part of the project saw Second Hand Dance perform Touch as part of Cardiff Dance Festival in November. Since then we’ve begun developing an action plan to support audience development and the future presentation of work by a network of partners across Wales. The third part of the project involves this seed commission as a way of encouraging the creation of a new piece of work.

Commission details

The aim of the seed commission is to help an individual practitioner, who may have a project company they work through, to develop a proposal for which we can jointly seek production development support. We have £1,500 available for the commission. No match funding is required at this stage, but applicants may have other resources they can utilise. 

Our support could be used to cover a variety of costs. This might include a slightly longer period for someone to develop a proposal on their own, or it could include studio time for a small number of practitioners if there is a specific line of artistic enquiry it would be beneficial to explore with other people. 

The commission is open to any Wales based dance or dance theatre practitioner. Work on the commission should be scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2020. Given the health crisis we are living through we appreciate we may need to be flexible about this, but we are keen to proceed with the commission as we know the income could be beneficial to one, or more, freelance practitioners over the coming months.

Submitting a proposal

To submit a proposal, please send us:

— A description, as best you can at this stage, of the project you are interested in developing (up to 300 words)

— A statement about what your interests are in dance for younger audiences (up to 200 words)

— A brief description of what costs the seed commission would be used to cover and your timescale for the project.

Video submissions welcome as an alternative. Please make sure any video material doesn’t exceed 10 minutes. Please either send us a password protected Vimeo/You Tube link (and the password), or send to us using a file sharing website, eg WeTransfer.

Proposals should be submitted by email to info@dance.wales no later than 10am on Wednesday 8 April 2020.


We strive to promote equality and diversity in all we do. We welcome and encourage applications from those currently underrepresented in our work; particularly people of colour, and disabled people (as defined by the Equality Act 2010).

If you submit a proposal, please complete the equal opportunities monitoring form you’ll find at this link.

Image above:
Second Hand Dance, Touch (CDF19) in rehearsal