Morning Class

Led by Preethi Athreya from Basement 21

In partnership with Groundwork Pro

Hands and Feet

'Hands have always fascinated me as agents of transaction. The form of the hand, the complexity of movement possible with fingers and digits, as well as its capacity to signify, has held my interest for long. So too with the idea of deciding to move and therefore the process of taking a step and holding time. 

'Drawing from my knowledge of classical Indian dance as well as my need to question the bodily hierarchies, I wish to share my methods of investigating hand gestures and rhythm cycles as open-ended forms.'

Preethi Athreya is one of the artists from Basement 21 leading Interruption, our project that's part of the UK India Year of Culture 2017.  

When and where?

Tuesday 7 November
9.30am to 11am
Rubicon Dance

Cost: £4 per class, or £10 if you pay per week. Please pay in cash when you arrive.

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